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Towards #JoinCampaignZero Policing Reforms


Liberating my post below from the FB walled garden. See also Lee Fang and Benjamin Dixon, background Twtts.

In wake of latest terrible police shooting, after the wrenching sympathy & condolences for ‪#‎altonsterling‬, the question comes, for me – how can certain U.S. police departments *continue* to be so awfully broken? How do we stand with community policing activists in next steps on policy changes and bottom-up reform?

Complicated questions, but to the extent state governments regulate & oversee county and city police departments, many state legislatures are currently highly top-down & pre-determined. Louisiana’s “Blue Lives Matter” bill was a visceral response to the Black Lives Matter movement’s comprehensive package of responsible policy solutions (http://www.joincampaignzero.org/). LA anti-defamation experts advocated against it, for diluting focus on critical policing issues (cit.:https://twitter.com/TheBpDShow). And yet they sailed through.

State legislators are currently elected by a tiny tiny handful of primary voters (perhaps in the thousands?) in gerrymandered districts. While ongoing electoral reforms work on opening up that process to public access and accountability, in the immediate term, my Facebook graph knows by now that 99.9% of non-liberal Louisiana primary voters aren’t reading these words, aren’t seeing this grief.

Financially supporting local organizers and ‪#‎joincampaignzero‬ activists is the most immediate way I see to advance state-based limits on use of force and fair police union contracts. (I hope that open tech for legislative participation and accountability can offer tools, or else what are we doing with ‪#‎opengov‬.) They have a tiny Paypal donate button at bottom:http://www.joincampaignzero.org/#action. And use their widget to see where your rep stands.