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Sept. 13th, 2016 Dem NYS Primary


Tuesday Sept. 13th, it’s New York state & local primaries for Democrats – basically, your legislators in Albany – in NYC, polls open 6am – 9pm. (Yes, it’s ridiculous & disenfranchising that NY state decision makers split all this up into four one-day-only Election Days. Chrahst.)

NYC, share this Facebook event to spread the word, or this same post on FB itself, maybe that will boost it in the algorithm. Now, what the heck is going on.

First, check on official site that you’re a registered Democrat, and you’ll see numbers for your “Senate District” (NY) and “Assembly District”. Then go to another official site to find your polling place. Sigh.

To see who’s on your ballot, visit Voters Edge for NY from MapLight. More detailed background can be found on Ballotpedia for NY Senate and Assembly, but this type of info remains a bit arcane. You’ve noted, NY Senate is under Republican control.

For key races, see excellent Gotham Gazette article on what to watch. In my North Brooklyn (Bushwick) Senate District 18, incumbent Sen. Martin Dilan faces Debbie Medina, who’s been recently endorsed by reform group New Kings Democrats. Assembly District 53 incumbent Maritza Davila is unopposed and thus apparently not on the ballot.

Another Brooklyn race, SD 25, incl. “Red Hook, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and parts of Brooklyn Heights, Sunset Park, Park Slope, and Crown Heights”. Another in AD 56, “representing Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights”. Hunh.

There are municipal judicial elections that appear on the sample ballot. I’ll ask New Kings Democrats for any tips and update here. Voters’ Edge doesn’t have any endorsement info really for the judges, unfort.

Realistically, you probably carry a state-issued ID on you during the day, but if it’s not your first time voting in NY, you don’t need to provide a photo ID. Here’s one source for that (footnote citation is a looooong .pdf from ’06, ha), and Google searching “how to vote in NY” provides same info. But in the recent NY federal primary, not my first time voting in NY at that location, the poll worker did ask me for a photo ID, a bit confused, and I did simply provide my driver’s license, because I personally didn’t mind, though he was mistaken, and didn’t actually need to check ID to cross me off the voter rolls. If that makes sense.

Questions & feedback welcome, davidrussellmoore using the Google email service, @sanschain on micropub., dreaded awful FB. I’m still registered as a Democrat from the Sept. 2014 NY Gubernatorial primary, and in 2016 for the Prez primary; previously, I was a WFP member, and look forward to re-registering as one again soon.