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New York, NY


Projects & Notes, Semi-Abandoned WP Install

Created Jan. 2011, content is dated. Reachable at @ppolitics or @sanschain on micropublishing.



Participatory Culture Foundation

PCF is our sibling non-profit organization, dedicated to a fairer, more democratic media space. From 2005-2006, I worked as PCF’s first Outreach Coordinator and Fundraiser, and was one of the original team to launch Miro, the open-source internet TV player. Miro has since grown to become one of the largest free software projects in the world, used every month by more than 2 million people worldwide to support a bottom-up, self-publishing, free-culture-friendly media landscape.

PCF and our sibling organization, the Participatory Politics Foundation (PPF), are each incorporated as 501(c)3 non-profit corporations. We chose to register as public charities precisely so that the principles of our public mission would be formally enshrined in our organizational structure. In the past, some open-source projects have chosen to incorporate as commercial entities or be acquired by them; while this is not necessarily harmful for the public benefit, our 501(c)3 status helps ensure that our focus is on providing free, libre, and open-source software to the commons on the open Web for public education, media reform, and community empowerment.

Put broadly, PCF’s vision is for user-friendly technology to support a “small-d” democratic media landscape where local, independent media thrives with no commercial gatekeepers or top-down, closed-off technical standards.


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