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NYC 2014 Vote Resources


NYC voting resources – just posted in NYC Voters FB group (http://goo.gl/qWEWFX), wanted to re-publish on more-open internet. Ha, unformatted for now, sorry.

Poll site locator site (http://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/) is a tad-bit off-putting, but actually fast & works nicely – enter your street address at very top-of-page, and you’ll see returned hours & address of your polling location, as well as – on bottom right of page – your NY Assembly district (e.g. mine is 53), NY Senate district (e.g. 18), and U.S. Cong. district (e.g., 07).

Sample ballot time – well, sorta – a Columbia University project,http://whosontheballot.org, makes it easy to look ahead – enter your street address again and you’ll see the officeholder categories, click on “expand” to see all the names. On physical ballot tmw, of course, there will be a separate ballot line for Working Families Party, etc., so clearly it’s not exactly a visual representation.

Endorsements – I look first to New Kings Democrats, look at right-side of page: http://www.newkingsdemocrats.com – who declined to endorse in my AD (there’s only one candidate though, it seems, Maritza Davila, hunh) and endorsed Debbie Medina in my SD. Rep. Nydia Velazquez gets the NKD nod for re-up to the U.S. House, she’s a member of the Progressive Caucus there, but don’t ever miss a chance to catch up on an incumbent rep’s campaign donors, whichever party – on OC: http://goo.gl/pNhz96.

On the gubernatorial ballot line, I don’t care to type much publicly tonight, as my friend Zephyr’s candidacy in the primary was the most inspirational phenomenon I’ve experienced in politics in at least five years – check the writeup by NY journalist and longtime friend Micah Sifry on why he’s voting WFP line for “the bastard”, specifically the graf “Since its founding…” in middle of post: http://goo.gl/2Q4bQ8. But more to say on that front. Comptroller & NY AG, there’s only one Dem/WFP in each, so yeah. Shouts to AG Schneiderman.

Propositions – strong co-sign of Zephyr & many others in NO on One, she’s summarized the reasons recently on her FB & Twttr accounts – vote no on One, because “it gives spooky power to incumbents to draw their own districts”, and we’ll move NY towards stronger public financing of elections. Prop Two, on electronic-avail. legislation, oh def., all digital everything. And on Prop Three, bonds for tech in schools – this CapitalNY article from last week (http://goo.gl/cSU23k) suggests school groups are lukewarm on it, criticizing that the funds could instead go to restore cuts (that argument is here: http://goo.gl/EmSNcd) – but yeah even though it’s Gov. Cuomo’s initiative, in part, I’m going to vote ‘aye’ on tech infrastructure for city schools.

Question that I’ll seek to get answered before tmw – for BK Borough President, seems NKD hasn’t endorsed, and WFP has two candidates (on the WhosOnTheBallot site anyway). I actually don’t know if I know the polls in my SD 18, re: Debbie Medina vs. Martin Dilan, but I’m sure they’re search-findable and covered on Capital (http://www.capitalnewyork.com/) and other NY area political hacks (looking at you, “Screamin’ J.H.”) – and I don’t know offhand the current polling on Prop 1, certainly hope it’s not even feasible – happy to share more links, I’m davidrussellmoore on Gmail, you know.

And remember, the most important task tmw statewide is following-through on Zephyr’s campaign and re-capturing a Democratic NY senate, so whatever you can do to get word to voters upstate and around NY to turn out tmw, key races again via Zephyr: Esposito-Gipson-Haber-Howard-Kemmerer-Lee-O’Brien-Panepinto-Starzack-Thorne-Tkaczyk-Wagner. Here’s to Zephyr facilitating the energy she harnessed towards further reforms & progressive public policy, and more Zephyr-esque candidates nationwide, from city council to state house. Feedback, additional information & corrections welcome to above.