David Russell Moore

New York, NY


Projects & Notes, Semi-Abandoned WP Install

Created Jan. 2011, content is dated. Reachable at @ppolitics or @sanschain on micropublishing.




I enjoy following the professional sports monopolies, with a focus on companies incorporated in my home state of Wisconsin, and a pronounced sub-focus on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball franchise. I also spend time researching and watching the Green Bay Packers, which I’m proud are the only non-profit, community-owned sports company in the United States, and those underdog Milwaukee Bucks. I believe in the possibility of a more community-based, less-commercial sports culture in the contemporary U.S., achievable (though daunting) through many of the same means undertaken by our non-profit organizations: media reform, data liberation, user-friendly technology, and public accountability. Please stay tuned for more participatory sports projects to come. (Pictured at left: Stormin’ Gorman.)


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