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Created Jan. 2011, content is dated. Reachable at @ppolitics or @sanschain on micropublishing.





Draft early Jan. 2011 — many more to come ::


Against systemic corruption: Fix Congress First

Against financial oligarchy: The Baseline Scenario & A New Way Forward

Against market fundamentalism: The Baffler magazine (Wikipedia page)

Reality-based economic analysis: Paul Krugman semi-longform in the NYRoB

Reality-based political analysis: Ezra Klein (WaPo) & Chris Hayes (The Nation)

Independent & local media: Democracy Now!

OpenGov allies: all the orgs. linked in the footer of the PPF homepage


Work of note ::

The Awl: Yakkin’ About Football

Highly enlightened Brewers blogging: Bernie’s Crew

Fangraphs / Beyond the Box Score / MLBRumors – Brewers

World-class non-fiction by New Yorker magazine staff writer Burkhard Bilger

St. Sanders Shreds

The Rub: History of Hip-Hop

The Tough Alliance

Gabe Said We’re Into Movements


Twitter lists of friends TK, it’s all coming together –  friends will soon link more of your sites, in this early version I didn’t mean to forget anyone::

Athematics – less good than Just a Little Guy

Born To Be Nervous

Chris Hayes

Emily Spivack

Family Edition – !!!


Hatchet NYC

Human Terrain

Hunt With a Cat

James Ryang

Jeff Bercovici – Forbes.com professional blog on media biz

Jiminie Ha

Joel Garber – Tumblr & Greengold Film

Karthik Pandian

The Lifestyle

Michael Bell-Smith

The Minetta (band profile on Murdoch site)

Mirror Film Commentary

Real Deal Democracy


The Record

Sammy Bananas (on Murdoch site)

The Stencil