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Fossil Free Brown – Campaign Update 2016


(Liberated from dreaded commercial social media service.)

Towards sharing more links on current campus activism – one of the leading causes at Brown & nationwide is fossil fuel divestment, which in Oct. 2013, student protests were rejected: “The Corporation unanimously approved President Christina Paxson’s strategic plan and decided *not* to divest the University’s endowment from coal companies at its triannual meeting this weekend”. (http://goo.gl/o6Ewnn) Here’s the latest status BDH article (ha) on the Fossil Free Brown group, from April 2015: http://goo.gl/fQFNM5 – and they have an active FB page @FossilFreeBrown.

Attending the Brown University ten-year reunion in 2011 for me was such an alienating experience from the institution and the Corporation. My career working in projects for community equity-building and participatory budgeting made it clear how much Brown University’s cute-public reputation for social justice was just marketing (which we knew, everyone knew, but still). Financial decisions were still made by the 54 unaccountable members of the Brown Corporation (know any of them, have any leverage? -https://goo.gl/mwfLlZ).

Tech for participation and organizing practices make possible self-determination and fair representation structures, but of course the University won’t reform in truly democratic ways – there’s very little Brown could do now to convince me of its good faith. (Good Lord don’t donate a single cent, but you already knew that is terrible philanthropy – Brown has a $3b endowment, ranking 31st nationwide, including state school systems.)

I find it morally unacceptable that Brown hasn’t joined the University of California, the University of Washington, Stanford, (recently Yale) and 12 other educational institutions (screenshot: https://goo.gl/v0bwvu) in divesting from fossil fuel. There’s a sit-in happening now at Columbia University (http://goo.gl/CzoQwK)! NYU Divest occupied space for 33 hours last week, risking suspension, protests at Harvard & UMass too, will share more up-to-date details.

As student activists for the past five years have been active in the movement to divest from companies that use coal (http://goo.gl/ukzps8), Brown University leadership under President Paxson has resisted their coalition-building with 350.org and other students nationwide in the movement. Her Oct. 2013 campus letter: https://goo.gl/24siUC – makes the argument that divestment would be symbolic only and wouldn’t “elucidate” the challenges, and thus would “run counter to Brown’s mission of communicating knowledge” – I look forward to countering this in subsequent post, but basically, come on.

So, ahead of the fifteen-year reunion, please sign & share the petition:http://www.fossilfreebrown.org/ – and I’ll seek to do more to share the latest info & connections with student leaders and Providence residents. and social justice organizers.

Hey Fossil Free Brown folks, holler at me over message and let’s organize some more alums to take stronger action on this petition over social media – want an Action Network email solution? ‪#‎KeepItInTheGround‬