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Pasta / Lobster / Fettucine / Lasagna

I confess I’ve been guilty in the past of getting overly excited about every new Starks album with soul samples on it (I haven’t played Fishscale in three years I reckon, and even though tracks like “Shakey Dog” and “Ghost is Back” and “9 Milli Bros” are super on-point, I simul-confess to thinking that minimum 40% of new Ghost tracks should req. a Chef feature), yeah “Pretty Toney” is really the default (I know the previous three LPs are the high water marks, going subjective here) — putting that out there, this has been great gym accompaniment and all the guests brought tremendously crafted verses, heavy on the narrative & East Coast flow & tough guy nostalgia & bizarre Mafioso dietary shout-outs, naturellement. Recommended, shockingly. Not really morning music or productivity music to my ears, but def. early afternoon or dinner-making music. “Apollo Kids” on Supreme Clientele is itself a classic track, of course.

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