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2017 NYC Primary – voting info


NYC, tomorrow – Sept. 12, 2017 – is Primary Day. Start here with a nice WNYC & Gotham Gazette Voter Guide by selecting your party and entering your street address-  the guide will provide candidate summaries, e.g. for Public Advocate & Brooklyn DA. (The General Election is Nov. 7th.)

Note – there’s also an election for Brooklyn Civil Court, selecting any five from eleven candidates. To see a .pdf of a sample ballot with those eleven names listed, visit PollSite Locator – enter address, and click “Ballot Information” under “Primary Election” bar. Select your party and click “view sample ballot” in middle of page. City Limits has the official five-person Dem. slate - interested in more info on this contest.

Last, City Council primaries – my Council member Rafael Espinal does not have a Dem. primary opponent, and neither does Stephen Levin, so they’re not on the ballot tmw – but Antonio Reynoso and Carlos Menchaca and others do, and are on the ballot tmw, as seen in sample ballots. So to see all names, skim this full plain-text list of candidates - you can easily find your Council district through the Voter Guides above, or on our non-profit @NYCCouncilmatic – and here’s a handy link to trustworthy New Kings Democrats endorsements for City Council.

Credit to NYC’s government offices for actually doing solid community outreach for election turnout this year, through mailers and public ads and digital. We’re fortunate to currently have city leadership that understands greater & wider accessibility and is working as best it can within Albany-gah limitations of NYS Board of Elections. This site is pretty good: http://voting.nyc/. All working towards goals of universal voter registration, extended vote-by-mail periods, enhanced public-financing (NYC’s matching system is already a success story and a national model, see Brennan Center and others), and then even towards ranked-choice voting. Hope this was helpful, shouts to non-profits for compiling and demystifying this election info. Hashtag on Twttr is #nycvotes, realize primary voting for very-local races such as Civil Court could still be made easier to follow.