David Russell Moore

New York, NY


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Created Jan. 2011, content is dated. Reachable at @ppolitics or @sanschain on micropublishing.



Lock The Web Open in 2019

Writers must have a term for this, right? The story you’ve been sitting on for months because if the draft doesn’t come out as powerful as it should be, it

Participatory Politics Foundation

I work as the Executive Director of PPF, a non-profit organization that builds free and open-source websites for civic engagement. Previously: OpenCongress; now, AskThem; next, we propose: Councilmatic.

Participatory Culture Foundation

PCF is our sibling non-profit organization, dedicated to a fairer, more democratic media space. From 2005-2006, I worked as PCF’s first Outreach Coordinator and Fundraiser, and was one of the

Blog: Sans Chain

Links, correspondence, future project ideas, sub-optimal user experiences, friends’ work, inscrutable commentary, enjoyable bits, quick-fast attempts at sufficiently accessible articulations, resource allocation, baffling ordeals, under- and over-appreciations: Soc. bookmarking (’06-/13):


I enjoy following the professional sports monopolies, with a focus on companies incorporated in my home state of Wisconsin, and a pronounced sub-focus on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball franchise. I